Flap, flap

Material Squirrel has a wing hunt...(1)

Kala of Material Squirrel is holding a hunt! Fifteen colors of the wings I’m wearing are scattered around her store (which has forever and always in my years of SL been located here), and you can find them if you poke around a lot. I found three different colors, all with the wonderful scripting that makes Kala’s wings so playful, and I’m going back for more riiight…now.

Material Squirrel has a wing hunt...(2)

Wings: Material Squirrel Starlight wings in soft green — part of a hunt
Eyes: Miasnow shine purple
Jewelry: Miel uva set – group gift
Boots: Terho myth boots (in Marketplace)
Hair: Lamb Phenomenoa in otter pop
Horns: Rue Horn’s Scholar in mother of pearl
Skin: MiaSnow Cosmic Johanna in blue
Outfit: Chaospire Venusian fantasy outfit in blue

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