Guest Stylist: Harrison Gearz

I shoved Harrison out of his new house and into the snowy fields around him and said “Just stand there, Imma take some pics.”

So because, I’m bossy he obliged.

I met Harrison through my friend Kesseret, and pretty much the only endorsement I ever need from Kesseret is “He’s Cool.” That was good enough for me and we’ve become friends since then.

Also proof of my bossiness is that I made him get a house. I was like, “WTF dude, you need a damn house. Everyone needs a SPACE not just a damned platform.” And so, LA, now he has a house.

Oooo, now I see what I need to get him for Christmas. SOCKS! DAMMIT HARRISON! YOU NEED SOCKS!

You are gonna get frostbite, son.

<3 Harrison. Thanks for posing for me!

Taken at Pemberley (60, 156, 23)
Skin: Belleza Ashton SK1
Pants: Primitive Design riot- clean style
Shades: reek park
Chest Hair: Anaphora Phil Chestnut hair – dude you are wearing chest hair?
Shirt: Ronsem Military Shirt
Jacket: >>>Poison<<< Rising Sun Jacket

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