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Jewelry, furniture, pretty skins! I’m so happy that the POE hunt has started, and I’m finishing up my posts about the POE items in my in-box in this post. Rockberry is always so great about hunts. This year there are four shades of this pretty Christmas skin. For some reason, despite the makeup, it makes my avatar look very sweet and innocent. I think the dark skin might be my favorite (pictured below). I also adore Bliensen + Maitai’s POE necklace, above. I’m sitting on a few items of POE furniture, too, the Shopo cloud stool and Scandinavian Design’s lounger (more photos after the cut) — adorable, comfy, and excellent places to park my avatar’s butt. See more jewelry behind the cut, too!

POE4 ... 5

Stool & wings: shopo Cloud Stool for POE4
Birdie: Schadenfreude glass bird ornaments
Trees: MiaSnow

POE4 ... 3

Wicked Gear Aviator MIstletoe Kisses Glasses POE4 gift
:+:WTG:+: **Corsage-wg** necklace(sp) and earrings POE4 gift
Skin: Rockberry apple/POE4 gift – pale, freckles, cleavage
Hair: Lamb Soma in honeycomb

POE4 ... 2

Big comfy couch: [Scandinavian Design] Lounger POE4 Special

POE4 ... 1

Sian Birke Jewelry POE4 Peace Sign Pendant
Skin: Rockberry apple/POE4 gift – tan, freckles, cleavage
Skin: Rockberry apple/POE4 gift – pale, freckles, cleavage (top photo)
Necklace: Bliensen & MaiTai yule necklace POE4 gift
Antlers: Trifoglio reindeer horns (top photo)
Shoes: Lassitude & Ennui Arcanist in red
Candy cane: from Illusions (top photo)
Outfit: bodice from ~silentsparrow~ Corbie suite, shrug & pants from the Ritual set
Hair: !lamb – Egomaniacal – Twix, Lamb Isolation – Honeycomb roots (top photo)

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