Live Blogging From The HEIFER Fundraiser

We are dancing and raising money for HEIFER at the 26.2 Hour DJ Marathon Event once again DJ’d by Maht Wuyts. This year it’s an alternate reality event, taking place simultaneously in RL and SL and us SLers can find Maht spinning at THE VELVET.

This is a wonderful event and for donating this year I’ve put out ten poses you can get for free just for donating, plus there are a couple of other donation gifts at the event, however MOST exciting are the raffle items. For those who donate everyone is in the raffle to receive some amazing awesome stuff such as Mechanized Life donated 5 filtercam huds! PLUS the new expansion pack. We’ve got donations from Bewildebeest and from Eklectik and Somnia and many others – and everyone who goes to the Velvet and donates (or hell just DONATE to Maht Wuyts if you can’t get over there) will go into the raffle.

Some come on to the VELVET we’re on the last stretch just a few hours to go!

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