New Long Hair From Truth PLUS a HAT!

Truth has released three new long hairs which are freaking gorgeous plus one – Blair has a hat! HAT I SAY!  Hat hair is much maligned and there is a reason. It’s often just crap. This isn’t true today though because this is a great winter cap which is texture change to let you wear it with different outfits! YAY TEXTURE CHANGE!

The necklace is the very cute kawaii themed release from Dark Mouse for the project Theomery thing or however you spell it. I don’t know what that word means. I also don’t care. Is it even a word? I don’t much care because creators release awesome things for it so it could be called the Fart Festival I’d still go and see what is new.

THEMEORY! THAT is how you spell it. I went to my fave blog for all events – Seraphim to look it up. Seraphim is the shiz.

Now your shopping list should be short:

Hair: TRUTH – Blair, Blair 2 and Charmain – I’m wearing Swedish Blonde

Skin: Baistice – Cloe in Porcelain Tone

Top – MonTissu – Boho Blouse

Necklace – Dark Mouse – Happy Bow for project Themeory

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