Crisp and warm

It was beautiful weatherIt was absolutely lovely outside today, the perfect mix of cool wind and warm sun. I spent most of my day outside, in RL and SL. There are some beautiful sims that seem autumnal right now, including Zacca, which has some gorgeous Japanese buildings to wander through and very meditative music. I initially came to SL hoping to build a calm and sacred space… and found clothing, of course. But whenever I can find a bit of spiritual peace, I’m always overjoyed. [SLURL to Zacca]

Two more pictures and the credits behind the cut.

So I went for a walkMmmm that autumn virtual air!Sunglasses: /artilleri/ Onyxia sunglasses in orange
Skin: Fashionably Dead Earth Flower – shark
Bag: (Milk Motion) My glitter tote bag
Socks: Honey Kitty diamond tights in black + gold
Sweater: Tres Blah Boyfriend Cardigan in camel
Dress: Tres Blah Vneck Mini in black
Scarf: Tres Blah wrapped up scarf – orange
Hair: Clawtooth Glass Birds – beachy keen (Colabor88 item)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui celtic boots in light brown

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