I’m not a huge Halloween fan, first of all (RL reason) because it does not belong to the Italian tradition, so I don’t “feel” it at all, and then (SL reason) because, according to my taste, it brings too much orangeness into SL fashion. Also, I don’t need Halloween to wear a costume or to choose a dark/horror/spooky look in SL: I do that anytime I feel like it 😀
Halloween parties are cool, anyway, and it’s a shame I missed the one organized by Gidge and Cajsa: different time zones, you know^^

Ok, I don’t love Halloween, but I love the fact that lots of designers normally release new stuff (and gifts!) for this time of the year, thanks God not only orange and not only Halloween related, and one of those releases immediately caught my attention, since the moment I received the notecard.
I’m talking about the Wednesday outfit from SeVered GarDeN, inspired to Wednesday Addams (also “Hand” is part of the pack, even though you won’t see it in my pictures) and so damn awesome.

My doll

I have a thing for SeVered GarDeN: Berta Avro and BUBI Bolissima create some of the most interesting, beautiful, original, and high quality clothing I ever seen. It’s a mix of fantasy and modern fashion, it’s something really unique in the SL fashion universe and the Wednesday outfit is an example of what I’m saying.
Shoes, socks, the doll and, as I said, “Hand” are part of the outfit and all the sculpted prims come with a resize menu.
And, guess what? The price is really really really affordable, like everything at SeVered GarDeN.

More pictures and credits after the cut 😉

don't blow out the candle


Wasn't me...

Enjoy! 🙂


  • Outfit: SeVered GarDeNWednesday
  • Hair: [elikatira]Garden – Midnight Blacks
  • Skin: Pink FuelBloodthirsty
  • Eyes: Poetic Colors – night rain
  • Location: Gretchen and Teddy (by Bryn Oh) @ Ciudad de Mexico

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