Katat0nik's Malice outfit...

Know what you’re going to be for Halloween yet? I had the luck of snagging two of Katat0nik’s limited edition Malice V. 2 dresses, remade. What’s funny is that this isn’t really my costume, I dress like this all the time 8D. They are out in her shop at present, and would make a fine Halloween costume for those who don’t simply wear this every day… These LE dresses are available until November 6th. And if you haven’t gotten your group gift from Katat0nik, go pick that up too! (SLURL to Katat0nik)

Two more photos and the credits behind the cut!

Katat0nik's Malice outfit...

Katat0nik's Malice outfit...

Outfit: Katat0nik Malice V. 2, a mix of the (bloody) and (skull) versions
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin in FLF Red
Eyes: MIASNOW eyes – GEM blue
Hair: Lamb Honey – Butterfinger
Shoes: Wishbox Dark Fairy Bridal MaryJanes in black

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  1. Isle

    Great look, love the pics, everything works very well together, even that particular skin/brows with the outfit. Nice work. And a GIRAFFE!

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