Happy panda somehow looks sad

My cats are totally upstaging me in that shot, heh. I finally did CSR! I realized that it was happening sometime last night, and within the hour I’d purchased stamp cards and raced around stamping them. The first thing that I collected was the DP**yumyum panda avatar (another photo, in the Honey Kitty CSR dress, is here). Every year since I started SL I’ve done CSR, and every year I’ve worn the heck out of the cute little avatar from DP**yumyum. Remember the sheep that began it all? And the controversial bunny that made SL Secrets? Ah, the memories. I’m wearing it with today’s FLF haul, this scarf and skirt from Milk Motion, and this hair from fashionably Dead. My shirt is from Schadenfreude’s booth at the Halloween Bizarre. TGIF!

[More info about CSR]

Avatar: DP**yumyum CSR panda
Shirt: Schadenfreude Zombie Heartbeater at the Halloween Bizarre
Skirt: Milk Motion FLF My high waist mini skirt
Hair: fashionably Dead FLF Mary’s Magic Hat – brunette mermaid
Scarf: Milk Motion My vintage scarf – brown wool
Glasses: Terho cute nerdy girl glasses (hearts)

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