Junkyard Blues … Rawkin' on a Saturday night!

Hey… been a while since I posted on a Saturday night, but we are still here at Junkyard Blues, rawkin’ the blue tiles with a new look and NEW DANCES from a new store … Humanoid!

The look this week is from Wilson’s Closet.  A gorgeous dress called Shine-On, in three fabulous colors, shown below.

JY 10 1 11a

want more?

Love these dresses, all of Marcy Wilson’s dresses move sooooo smoothly….

JY 10 1 11b

ANNNDDDD… a first for me… a lil’ video of me doin’ some of the new dances from Humanoid… a brand new motion capture dance store!

Join us at Junkyard Blues, every Saturday night from 6-9PM SLT. Music, fun, friends and conversation… and fashion…..

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