A fine mesh

Rebel Hope sent me her Mesh dress tonight.  Obviously Berry already blogged this, but not the flat-chested version darnit.  The dress comes in four versions — Curvy/Curvy in heels, and normal/normal in heels.  I fit the normal one, although initially my boobs were a little big for it.  I changed my shape a tad, reducing my bust size until they no longer poked through the dress, and it suited me to a T.  I really like how the fabric moves… as Berry said, it bends when you bend, which is shockingly realistic for something made out of zeros and ones.  I’m wearing it with this new skin from Plastik, the Aleria ethereal lilac skin, which comes with these awesome glowing creepy-ass eyes.  How would you style this gorgeous dress?  Photo yourself and leave the URL in comments, I wanna see!

Two more photos (full length, back and front) and the credits behind this cut.

Gown: Rebel Hope Fabria halter gown in “no heels/not curvy”
Necklace: Rebel Hope Fabria Necklace in gold
Bracelet: Rebel Hope Fabria Bracelet double gold
Skin: Plastik Aleria ethereal lilac skin
Eyes: Plastik Haunt Magic floods out of my soul
Horns: Rue Horn’d Fool in Mother of Pearl
Tattoo: Katat0nik Eva bunny tattoo sleeve
Hair: Lamb Ambrosia in the ROYGBIV color

5 thoughts on “A fine mesh

  1. Olela

    That dress is awesome and the introduction of mesh is a fine feature, but…..there’s a but 😀
    I don’t want to adjust/change my shape to fit the mesh clothes, since everyone has a unique style of shape. I don’t think we all want to look the same, so a feature like a rigged mesh parametric deformer would fix the problem.
    Please, vote for this jira: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/CTS-693

    Thanks 🙂

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