Junkyard Blues is ANYTHING but BLUE….

unless you are looking at the floor… but don’t look at the floor…. unless you need to watch where you are stepping.. but don’t do that… cause we don’t care where you step as long as you grope … just say excuse me…. or…um.. where was I going with this…?

Saturday at the JY

want more?

Our posse is missing one….. so.. what does that make us? hmmm…

Saturday at the JY

actually I think it just makes us sexy as hell in these cute, fun dresses from Doppleganger. What do you think?

Saturday at the JY

And they are on sale too!

Join us at Junkyard Blues, every Saturday night from 6-9PM SLT. Music, fun, friends and conversation… and fashion…..

YaY! Gracee got here!!!

Junkyard Blues

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