Urban sensuality

Hello folks!
What’s up? The sky, I know 😀

Yesterday I was trying some great poses from Studio Sidhe and I liked them so much that I decided to use them for my new post on here. Well, actually I used just one pose, my favourite of the whole pack, but I highly suggest you to go check out all of them.

Not that i miss you...

The awesome summer sweater is one of the latest releases from *Crazy* Clothes, it’s fresh, comfy and sexy at the same time: just pay attention to the subtle see-through look………Intriguing, isn’t it? 😉
I love loan Jogiches creations, that mix of urban sensuality which reveals the pure essence of her style.


I purchased this hairstyle some weeks before the Hair Fair, then the HF came and i totally forgot about it. Yesterday i was going through my messy inventory and saw it and i immediately wore it ‘cause it’s absolutely fabulous! It’s a gem from (fashionably dead) and one of my fav hairstyles ever, I know that for sure! It’s called “Olivia Watches Melrose Place“. Cool name.

Keep reading! 😛


As i said, i used the same pose for all the pics above, that pose (No. 3) is part of “The Siddean Foot Fetish Collection” pack from Studio Sidhe and – trust me – the whole pack is really worth a look (or a try, in this case :D)

Take care and smile! 🙂


  • Hair: (fashionably dead)Olivia Watches Melrose Place – Earth Pack
  • Sweater: *Crazy* ClothesBaggy Sweater Blue
  • Pose: Studio Sidhe – from The Siddean Foot Fetish Collection
  • Skin: CurioPout – Pure – Acorn (Dark)
  • Eyes: Poetic Colorsnight rain
  • Location: Virtual Decay

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