Cassseroles for Kesseret

My good friend and peer Kesseret Steeplechase lost her mother last Friday suddenly and unexpectedly.

Where I’m from, when there is a death, the matrons of the family descend upon the household of the deceased with casseroles and desserts. The idea is that the grieving family not have to worry about things like food. Food is there, ready and waiting. All you have to do is eat it. Decadent desserts, rich savory casseroles to be consumed while you wade through the process of burying your beloved dead.

My casserole for Kess is full of love and hugs. It’s full of thanks yous, and I’m sorry’s. It’s got a huge, huge amount of booze and nudie pics as well. Cuz, we like that stuff. It’s also got marshmallows on top. Because marshmallows are good.

I love you Kess and I wish I was there. But I can’t be. So please accept this casserole with all my love.

5 thoughts on “Cassseroles for Kesseret

  1. kesseret

    I accept. specially those nudies. I’ve been so blessed to have friends like you and everyone (they know who they are)

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