AN IOF PSA: Naming Conventions

With the ground breaking change of being able to copy to text what we are wearing, it’s more important than ever that what you the creator name your product be intuitive.

It’s hard enough with a big inventory to find things. But that’s my problem not yours.

However, if your shop name is SUSIE’S HOT SHOP but your individual items have a name let’s say HOTCHA, and then inside of the folder of that item is shirt, pant, whatever….it’ll look like THIS when I copy paste it.


Now. I’m a pretty attentive blogger, I just play at being scattered. Chances are good I’m going to change that so that it says Susie’s Hot Shop – HOTCHA + color etc.

But catch me on a bad day, and honestly, HOTCHA pant might just be what goes into my shopping list recap at the end of the post. Now people are searching for a store named HOTCHA. And that’s a waste of my time and you aren’t getting any sales out of it.

Instead, despite the fact that it’s a huge pain in your ass, it’s important that you help out not only bloggers but HELL your customers in general. Name your items consistently and name each and every item with your store name and the item name, THEN the individual piece designation.

Like THIS: Susie’s Hot Shop – Hotcha – Pant Blue

Abbreviating is fine, but do it consistently. don’t be SHS one time, Susie’s HS the next and so on.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter how you do it or in what order. It simply matters that you include


And, please name your alpha layers as well. You don’t know HOW many times I’ve been trying to figure out WTF is wrong because I’ve got the name of the item in my inventory search – and ONE PIECE didn’t have the name. That’s counter-intuitive.

This has been an IOF PSA. Now. Do it.

2 thoughts on “AN IOF PSA: Naming Conventions

  1. Lila Quander

    Amen!!! I am so GLAD bloggers are bringing more attention to these issues. I mean, if we can take out the time to list every single item we are wearing, the URL to the store and creator name, I would think a designer could at least add their brand name to each clothing layer. I have a HUGE inventory and my posts would go much quicker, if this simple task were done. I could do an easy search, instead of wading through folders; only to have it interrupted by an incoming NC.*Laughs* Now, some of my fav designers are guilty of this and I still love them. But, please, I beg you….
    I also would like to see much more clear abbreviations, esp when it involves a new designer. I can’t tell you how many times I could not find an item via ‘SL search’ with just a one letter abbreviation. Such designers are losing money and business to this simple fact. Please understand that I am not trying to complain, but only hope to improve the process of finding creations…whether it is in my inventory or an item that I desperately would like to buy^^

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