More About Cliff the Plurking Cat….from Dark Mouse and MIAO

Two of the creators who have participated in the CLIFF THE PLURKING CAT Memorial Fundraiser are MIAO and Dark Mouse. I’m showing off their creations because I think you probably need them.

The sunglasses from Dark Mouse are absolute WIN and I’m in love.

The kitty cat locket strung on pearls (all of which is color change YAY) and you can put your own pretty picture inside. I’m lazy so this is how it comes, I didn’t change the pic.

Now there is still lots of time to go see the other amazing things you can get there!

Your Taxi to the Sale!



100 PERCENT of the Donations raised are going to the Oregon Humane Society. Please feel free to review our contact with this agency thus far.

We don’t imagine we’ll make a million dollars, maybe enough for a case or two cat food and the warm fuzzy feeling from remembering that crazy cat Cliff who used to make us smile so often with his wailing and antics.

I hope you have time to stop by and do some shopping this weekend. Cliff would thank you.

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