Dropped from a boss

Hello, it’s Achariya, emerging from the dust to show off new horns from RUE and a new corset from Nomine.  Lately I’ve been putting together my very first SL photography gallery show (the opening is today at 11AM SLT, eek), and I haven’t really had time to create an outfit all at once.  I like that this outfit grew kind of organically, as if my avatar put on each item after it dropped from something she slew. /Warcraft.  This new Nomine corset looks as if an enslaved elf made it before the evil orc boss swallowed the elf and corset whole. I am extremely happy that Ruina is back in SL and making stuff, and this set of horns I’m wearing is the most low-key out of a bunch of new creations.  Another set of her horns (and another new Nomine corset) is here.  Have wonderful Sundays, everyone!  More photos and the outfit credits behind the cut.

***Boobs: Ayumi cleavage enhancer
***Tail: From Queen Titania’s Court faun
***Bracelet: Grasp group gift leather bracelet
***Finger tape: Sinistyle
***Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui Oreb Necklace
***Hair: Lamb Lovage – milk
***Shorts: So Many Styles leather shorts in black
***Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Assassin boots in brown
***Socks: League Gartered Socks – Overknee
***Tattoo: Huz Bloom
***Horns: Rue Horn’d/FoolDeux in ghost
***Ears: Plastik Arkenea Ears – cute
***Corset: Nomine Oriana Corset – chocolate 3
***Skin: Ugly Duck Swan – Lily III

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