Since There Wasn't An Apocalypse – A Travelogue

Kesseret and I were sitting around waiting on the Rapture when it occurred to us that we weren’t going anywhere. Bored with our pixel inactivity, we decided that what we needed was a vacation from sitting around and doing nothing.

So we hopped into my trailer, and hit the road.

Basically we got bored again pretty quickly but Kess came up with the idea of us going somewhere to eat which I thought was a good one. We don’t get out much, but Kess was in the mood for Japanese so she plugged in some keywords into search and we set out. Bukkake Bliss sounded like a nice place.

The place was obviously pretty classy, there were statues in the entry way. I was worried we might be underdressed but Kess suggested we just go for it.

Apparently the place has some sort of a “VAMPIRE PROBLEM” as they offer a necklace to wear while on the premises to keep them from biting you. I thought that this was EXTREMELY considerate.

We had some trouble getting this waiter to help us out. I mean, being blind, deaf and only having one leg, I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on the guy. But it was kind of frustrating because he was totally not giving me what I wanted.

I guess I’m too demanding.

Kess on the other hand, thought the service was excellent.

It was a pretty tiring night all in all – but there wasn’t any proper food to be found. So after we participated in all the group activities there at Bukkake Bliss, we decided to pop out somewhere else and actually eat.

I was one tired Barbie, let me tell you.

Kess had worked up quite an appetite however.

We ended up back at the trailer, completely satisfied and ready for our next adventure. It was so relaxing to just unwind and chat with a good friend as the sun came up.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Gidge and Kess……..if we have them.

First Shoot:

Gidge is Wearing:
Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – Belleza – Erika – Pale 03
Lashes – Amacci – Eyelash Tattoo 6
Hair – Dark Mouse – Emma – Pale 3
top – Miao – Lola Rocks in Amethyst
Boxers – Boom – Pink Stripe
Necklace – Carolines – Juliet – Layered Silver Necklace
Eyes – Ibanez – Smooth Glow eyes – Impatiens

Kess Is Wearing:
Hair: Dark Mouse Antonia
Glasses: HOC – Rectangle Framed Glasses #001
Shirt: Miles Thermal Unisex Shirt in Onyx
Shoes: ETD: Demi Trainers in Black
SKin: LAQ – Tasha2
Pants: BOOM Sweatpants in Violet


Gidge is wearing

Gidge’s Details:
Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
Skin – PXL Creations – GAIA – Freckles
Hair – [ME.] Zeda
Top – MIAO for Moody Monday (Preview) Summer Lovin’ Daisy Halter Top
Shorts – MIAO for Moody Monday (Preview) Summer Lovin’
Shoes – A-Bomb – Sileny Flats – (color change)
Jewelry – MOOD – Pangani Earrings and Bangles

Kess’s Details:
Glasses: HOC
Hair: Dark Mouse Julie (unavailable – but if you like this you’ll like the Dark Mouse Hair Kess *wink*)
Shirt: Artilleri Nicke in Hawaii shirt *red*
Shorts: AOHARU cuffed Jeans Short blue
Shoes: ETD Demi Trainers in Black
Skin: LAQ – Tasha 2

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