Shoe Fair!! The Ones That Took Mah Heart!!

Oki!! Let me say im sorry if the skin colors are not 100% on these!! I got them as close as possible BUT!! I am in a rush and on mah way out the door to see a movie!! hehehe But I had a few stores take my heart today.. The Shoe Fair was put together very well and there was no lag what so ever.. 4 sims of shoes.. clothes.. and accessories!! My sister and I were in and out in bout  45 mins seeing all stores!! But!! Here we go onto my favorites!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

OMG PIXEL MODE‘s new shoes Fae where there and they were honestly the main reason I wanted to go to this fair!! Sooooo freakin cute!! I got them in Black and White, but I am sure I will go back for more!! hehehe

N-Core is never a fail!! Amazing new shoes.. the ones you are seeing above are a Shoe Fair exclusive that you can only get at the fair!!!! I got the exclusive and 3 other colors!! Imma shoe whore!! Don’t judge me!!

OMG!! I have been looking for cute flip-flops with feet everrryywwhheerrree!! ! My Pretty Pixels ! has themmmmm as an exclusive!!! I looovvee them oh so much I fat packed them!! Total WIN!!

Love love looovvveeee!! SLink with brilliant new shoes.. there were 3 new releases at the fair and this was my fav of the 3!! YAY!

Annnnnnnnndd Lastly.. A store I have never heard of before… but caught my eye and made me make grabbie hands!! lol that store is R2 fashion.. the shoes above comes in many colors and I just fell in looovvveee!!!

As I said the fair was amazing.. and the build was great!! Make sure you make your way down and check out these amazing designers and get some new shoes!!!

Im off to go see Bridesmaids!! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <333


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