Electric butterfly

Can you see that electric butterfly wandering in the night?
So beautiful and delicate, she shines in the light of the moon, radiating colourful lights all around……

Electric butterfly

While dancing in the sky, she whispers: ” Don’t let anyone steal your dreams, don’t let anybody bring you down. If I did so, I would have not been able to fly anymore but one sad day a sweet fairy gave me a magic object to help my leg move, so not only I could use and feel my leg again, but I started flying like I never did before, becoming one with the air, the sky, the nature “…..

Time and loneliness

I won't give up

I began to live.

I can fly

  • Hair: LeLutka – Rykiel hair
  • Skin: Miamai – Ashy Cyber Skin Warrior
  • Dress + wings: Miamai [BlackLabel] – Electric Butterfly
  • Leg tutor: Miamai [BlackLabel] – Project HN – Tutor Femur
  • Location: [.XIV] Stories

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