It all matches her engagement ring

The British royal family is the only one in the world where Cinderella stories still happen. I guess it comes from having eligible princes, right?  I think I’ve been wondering who Wills would marry since he was born, simply because the girl of his choice would become a princess on the level of any Disney movie heroine.  The prerequisites for princess in a Disney movie are: beautiful and kind-hearted.  Nowadays, the prerequisites are MUCH tougher.  Lucky for all of us, Kate seems to show the sort of media savvy and practical hard-workingness that makes her eligible for the job.  We’ve seen her flip pancakes while wearing pumps.  She’s hired.

Two more photos and the slurl behind the cut!

In honor of the royal wedding, Rebel Hope made this amazing set of wedding jewels — a tiara, earrings, necklace, and the infamous ring, all in homage to the hardest-working almost-princess on earth.  They’re beautiful!  You can find these and gowns elegant enough for a royal wedding at Rebel Hope Designs.

***Jewels:  Rebel Hope Designs Kate Royal Sapphire Jewels
***Makeup: Launa Fauna Makeup Tattoo: Goldie (50L Friday item)
***Bridge: Zacca group gift covered bridge
***Shoes: (Shiny Things) Tuli Pumps in black
***Hair: Lamb Soma in Twix
***Skin: Plastik Ataciara Elven Muted Honeycomb
***Outfit: Rebel Hope Designs All that Jazz in black

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  1. Harper Ganesvoort

    It’s not surprising that someone’s taken The Ring (really, that ring is close to a religious relic to some, I’d almost say) and turn it into something in world. It looks like a beautiful job, both the ring and the rest of the suite!

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