Quick Look:Adam N Eve New Tattoo Eye Makeups!

I happen to know that Fantasy Faire is coming up (or is it Fantasy Fest? – too many Faires and Fests and what not I can’t keep them all straight) – REGARDLESS, Adam N Eve has just released some delicate and beautiful eye makeups that I think Faeries, Sprites, and various other creatures of the Seelie or Unseelie Courts might find attractive.
Plus, I really like them too.

I am also wearing one of the newer skin releases at Adam N Eve – Laurel. I think these might be some of my favorite lips ever. I’ve bought about four tubes of lipstick in RL trying to find this shade.

You can find these and a ton more awesome makeup options at the Makeup Counter at Adam N Eve. Here, I’ll even give you a slurl! Seriously – go check them out. And if you are a freak for mani’s and pedi’s like I am, I highly recommend theirs. They were the first I EVER had in SL and are still among my faves!

Now, I had a whole outfit shot and a couple more makeups shot – but I effed up the pics.

SO – Enjoy the closesups and have a FANTASTIC Sunday girls!
this is a list of what I’m wearing. Too bad you can’t see it all!

Shape – Savoir Faire -Gidge
Skin Adam N Eve – Laurel – Cupcake
Hair – Truth – Misha – Pearl
Dress – BlueBlood – Adele – Pink
Makeups – Adam N Eve Winter Garden Makeups
Boots – Baistice – BowBack Heels Boots

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