Sometimes it's nice to not wear much

Hey there!  I know I’m a little late for my usual Acha Monday, but life’s been very life-y this week.  I’m making it up to you by showing off this tattoo, which is 69L in honor of a certain day by HUZ.  The tattoo is in the lovely old-school style, depicting two doves and scroll work with the phrase “Be Mine, Valentine.”  I really like the heart in the cleft of the neck!  I’m wearing it with a necklace that means a lot to me.  My partner Jackal made it roughly a year ago, and I remember wearing it while I danced with her at my birthday/rez day party. It’s always symbolized affection to me, and I’m happy to put it on in honor of Valentine’s Day…

Another photo, outfit credits & a few SLURLs behind the cut!

(SLURL to HUZ) (SLURL to Lassitude & Ennui)

***Hair: Marie in anxious blond
***Shorts: Surf Couture shack shorts in dark gray
***Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui Oreb necklace
***Tattoo: HUZ BeMine – only 69 L !
***Skin: CheerNo Brent_Blond_Gold BD 2 with freckles

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