Gidge's Love List:The Good Blondes – Part 3

Oh you didn’t think I was DONE did you? No I just had a case of the RL. I think I’m cured of it now though.

I thought I’d start right back in loving on the creators of my favorite blondes and I’ll do it the alphabet way today – starting with Amacci. Amacci (above) makes skin,eyes, tattoo makeups now (sweet) and hair and probably other stuff that I’ve forgotten. I love the tones they use on their blonde textures because from the dirty blondes, strawberry blondes all the way to the pearl whites, they all have a creamy look that’s even and smooth.

They are in my top three long hair makers too. Long hair gets stuck in my boobs so I don’t shoot it that much, but I love to wear it.

Following along the alphabet is Dark Mouse (above). Mouse makes blondes with both highlighted looks and pure bleach jobs (cough I mean natural blonde, cough). My friend Kesseret loves her new browns as well. I love the blending of tones Mouse uses to achieve the over all blonde look. She makes some of the only strawberry blondes I like.

The next store is not wildly diverse, they have two, count’em TWO shades of blonde. Both of which I am showing you. But they’re good. Plus, the styles are wicked awesome. It’s KMH and if you aren’t familiar, it’s a furniture store with a corner of hair in the back.

It’s more of a whimsical platinum blonde sort of look but fun and totally worth the trip. Plus I love their store key words. It’s like “Furniture, skybox, hair.” I’m serious. It CRACKS ME UP. “Furniture, skybox hair. Figure it out people. That’s what we sell. ” I love it.

Alright then, I’m off to the RL for the day.

You girls get shopping.

Your Shopping List Today Includes:

  • Hairs – Amacci, Dark Mouse, and KMH I am including the slurl to KMH not bcse I love them more but bcse they are a bit off the beaten path. Go into the store, to the BACK right hand wall! That’s where the hair is!
  • Shirt – Ingenue – Sunday Morning Tee – Dove
  • Skin – Adam N Eve – Laurel-  Cupcakes Makeup
  • Lashes – Amacci – LOVE THEM!

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  1. Kit Jordan

    To get rid of “long hair stuck in boobs” syndrome, try the “Long Hair” pose packs by Glitterati. Also, croire just came out with a pose pack meant for long hair called “Rapunzel Let Down Your Hair.”

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