Kittycats – Coming to a 2nd Existence Near You

The newest pet and I have to say, the first one to really catch my eye has arrived – or should I say is arriving this week. Callie Cline invited the Fashion Bloggers group over today for a sneak peak and to roam about the sim.

And yes, I’m in love and WILL Be going back to get me a kitty or two. One AWESOME feature that Callie shared with me is that you’ll have the option with these to make them permapets – you don’t HAVE to breed and feed them if you choose ( I don’t know how that works but I love the idea!).

They’ve also created a BEAUTIFUL photo park that I can see the bloggers will be running about to take picture in. I know I will.


It’s a gorgeous build with lots of fun photo or just hanging around spots.

Here you see me, Callie, Kalia, and Harper having – as Callie called it – a LOG PARTY lol.

I’m a lazy kitty though. And I got tired VERYquickly.

Kittycats are coming!

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