Ball slings and fae things

I admit that when I saw Vitamen’s gift for the Men’s Stuff hunt, my first thought was: how the heck do I accessorize it?  And then I realized that the answer was obvious: with a pretty lady. As usual.  Miss Lillian Shippe of Idiot Lollipops (that would make a great band name) agreed to assist me, and together we look like a very over-protective fae big brother trying to keep his little sister away from the prying eyes of humans.  Or something.  At any rate, Acha is totally sporting that pearl thong, and so should you.  (Get information about the Men’s Stuff Hunt here.)

Another photo and outfit credits for us both are below the cut.

On Miss Lillian:
***Shape: Custom
***Skin: Fashionably Dead, Tokyo Rash (white brows)
***Eyes: DDD Tail Light Eyes (red)
***Eyelashes: Miasnow – Fantasy Curls (Modified)
***Hair: Shag, Sylph (starlight)
***Horns: Illusions (Aepyceros)
***Dress: Evie’s Closet, Willo O’ The Wisp (Anathema)
***Backdrop: Frick Autumn Skybox
***Pose set: Diesel Works BFF

On Acha:
***Horns: Illusions Dalli Horns
***Ears: SLink Sachara Elf Ears Pointy with chains
***Necklace: TheCloset feather necklace
***Hair: Fri.Day Yelena 2 in anxious blond
***Tattoo: Huz Chika Faded
***Undies: Vitamen Prince Pearl Thong – Mens Stuff Hunt
***Skin: CheerNo Brent Blond Gold BD 2 with body hair option

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