I decided that after I had ventured across hot and steamy Africa that I needed to cool off in the snow, so a vacation to Lake Tahoe was in order.
Plus, I needed a snowy location to shoot my cute outfit that I got as a pressie!

After snowboarding down the slalom hill and snowmobiling around like a drunken Minnesotaon (grins at Cajsa) I decided to do something more cerebral and do a little birding!

Ah birds in their natural habitat, a comfy bird house.
The binoculars are from Studio Sidhe and like everything Faery Sola makes – TOO cute. Don’t believe me?

Told ya.
After my busy outdoorsy day I had to relax in the lodge. Which incidentally how I spend every ski vacation I’ve ever gone on. Relaxing in the lodge. Cuz in RL – I totally can’t ski. It’s FREAKING HARD!

Now have a great Friday, that’s it for me today!

Your Shopping List Includes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skin – Belleza – Erika – Pale Tone
  • Hair – Exile
  • Outfit including Socks – Jador – Norvegian
  • Boots (cute ones in last pic) GOS – 8 Hole Docs
  • Binoculars – Studio Sidhe
  • Shot on location at Lake Tahoe in SL

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