Yellow metal

You thought I’d forgotten right?  But nope, it’s Monday, and my boy avatar sneaks quietly onto the pages of It’s Only Fashion.  I’ve been sorting inventory lately, truth be told, and I wondered if it was possible to put together a steampunk outfit using non-steampunk clothing.  It’s actually surprisingly easy, as long as you’ve got a few steam-ish elements, like a top, a vest and a monocle.  The rest of my clothing is anachronistic, which is always good.  He probably hopped back in time using one of Orwell’s machines…

Another photo and credits after the snip.

***Monocle: Guild of Crie Guildio (Antique)
***Hat: Schadenfreude DA The Seven top hat
***Boots: Split Pea for MELT, long ago.
***Hair: Tukinowaguma Bonber in Ash
***Jacket: Ninikoboy soft riders in brown
***Vest: Schadenfreude Goldenrod Deep V vest
***Pants: Zaara Chinos in black
***Scarf: Anuenue mufbon in yellow
***Tank: Artilleri Max Tank top in black
***Skin: DNA Damien skin type 3 complete with beard
***Gloves: From the ~silentsparrow~ copper sylvan lolita outfit 😀
***Tattoo: HUZ Om faded

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