eluesday – c'est rouge

 c'est rouge

“There is more, much more, to being a redhead than the color of one’s hair.” ~ G. Adam Stanislav

c'est rouge

So all my life, I’ve avoided wearing anything red, somewhere, somehow I was convinced that when you wear red, as a redhead, it either clashes horribly or makes your hair look dull awful.  Recently a pale, pointy teef’d fellow pointed out to me, the error of my ways, and explained how it all had to do with tones and such.  I hope I got it right, bcuz I can’t exactly kill him or anything 😛


  • hair – rina from exile
  • nails – nail candy from snatch
  • tat – boho  from A&M
  • shoes – ILaida Mojri from Zaara
  • skin – Ayame-Bliss from Heartsick
  • pants – Tightrope jeans from Myth
  • sweater – Chris mini from Miamai

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