On the 8th Day of Christmas

Bellariel Yule, released by Mer-Elf is a perfect role play holiday gown and I’d expect all real role players to know that Christmas isn’t over yet, as there are TWELVE days of Christmas and we’re only up to the maid’s a milking bit.

I didn’t have any cow milking poses or you know I’d have done it.

Sure I could’ve MADE some poses but then I’d have needed a COW and a stool and suddenly it would’ve been expensive just for keeping the pics relevant to the blog title.

So I just decided to show you the pretty dress instead.

Happy Maids a Milking Day!

Style Notes:

  • Skin – LAQ Christmas Vilda
  • Hair – LAQ – Baby – Sunkissed
  • Dress – Mer-Elf – Bellriel – Yule

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