eluesday – newnesses & pinknesses

“I fell off my pink cloud with a thud.” –Elizabeth Taylor


I love signing in and being greeting by those 3 leedle words every girl loves to hear…         “Its a FATPACK”


And then getting the tp to share in the delishness that he has found, and even better to find there is girl stuff too…Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!


And the best is knowing, I am cuter than him, but shhhhh don’t tell, unless he asks!

Style Credits:

  • Hair – No.3 (F) from (RED) MINT
  • Skin – Chou from Mascarade
  • Outfit – Taste of Harajuku from MUWU
  • Boots – Fall v1.7 from Kalnins
  • Poses – gesticulate

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