Domo from Awesome Blossom love love looovvee hehe

Hokaayyy… Before I get into my LOTD Imma share with you the cutest little things evvvaaa!! I didnt know the names of em but I do nooww!! They are called Angel and Devil Domo from :: Awesome Blossom :: and I just diedddd when I put them on.. There is an Angel.. Devil and 3 different sized one that talk to you when you use key words as you can see in the chat below the pics.. but totally.. Check em ouuuttt!!! <3

Annnnndd this one is the one that follows you around its the mini one and here is some of the few things it says.. It made me giggle n stuff 😀
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly:  ass
[19:49]  Mini domo: Your butt is huuge… I mean, that looks great on you!
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly: grr
[19:49]  Mini domo: This is why we cant have nice things!
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly: your so cute
[19:49]  Mini domo: You’re cute too 😉
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly: love
[19:49]  Mini domo sings at the top of his lungs… *ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!*
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly:  baby
[19:49]  Mini domo: Who you callin’ baby?
[19:49]  Kelley Hanly: lol
[19:49]  Mini domo: *laughs along with you*
[19:50]  Kelley Hanly: babe
[19:50]  Mini domo sings… *I got yoooou babe!*
[19:50]  Kelley Hanly: im bored
[19:50]  Mini domo: I’m bored too. Let’s go cause some trouble!
[19:52]  Kelley Hanly: its huge haha
[19:52]  Mini domo: Thats what she said. 😉

OKIIIII!!!! here is my LOTD!! I kinda really love it alot.. I hope you enjoy toooooo!!! <3 Ps… TOMORROWS FRIDAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!

Skin – *League* – Amber Skin
Hair – fri. – Jasmine
Piercings – – .HoD. – Lure
Eyes – Poetic Eyes – Beryll
Tats – [HUZ]– Dark Floral
Shirt – HC – Victorian Mini
Pants – Delirium Style – Yazzy Baby
Boots – BAX – Prestige Boots Black Suede
Belt – :sey – Deka Logo Belt “LOVE”
Necklace – * (NS) – Rock’n’Rolla Guitar Chain
Bracelets – .:Hermony:. – Wristlocker

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