“But a true diva has dismissed that drama. A true diva’s heart is open, and she’s ready to play by her own rules – rules that are gentle and kind.”  ~ Jenifer Lewis


I know this is not a typical look for me, but it was wonderful to see myself differently and approach capturing that vision in a way that I might normally not.  I really enjoyed the expereience.
I found myself a little fixated on me, almost as if I did not know who I had become.. and I liked it!
Style Credits:
  • Skin -” Jadis – Yuki edition 03 C”  from Glam Affair
  • Hair -” Arana Frostbite” from MiaMai
  • Outfit – (including headgear and “femme” tat layer”) – “Virtual Needs_Femme”  from MiaMai [Black Label]

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