Winter Wonderland……

That is an understatement … but if you want some BEAUTIFUL scenery and a fabulous place to explore then you HAVE to come here… Isla Clairvaux and Tamil Isle – two connected sims of pure Winter HEAVEN.

A FABULOUSLY huge skating pond!

With the BEST ice skating AO for sale that I’ve ever seen… and it works with ANY skates!

And when you get tired of skating… step off the ice and have a cuddle or dance with your honey….

And so many fun things to do…. Build a snowman….

Ride the winter train….

Take a picture with your sweetheart for that holiday greeting….

And when you are tired of all that…. just wander the sims… there are MANY many places to sneak in a cuddle or just take a picture!

Go… tell all your friends and enjoy.  Tamil and Clair do a wonderful job of creating a beautiful environment for us all to enjoy.  Get to it by clicking HERE!

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland……

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  2. Clairvaux Debevec

    Thank you for such a lovely post on our islands. We so love the winter in Second Life, and having visitors helps share the joy of the holiday. We change the islands four times a year, with the seasons, but I must admit winter is one of my favorites. We invite everyone to come skate, dance, take a sleigh ride and explore, and make sure to say hi when you do, we’re usually around! ~Clairvaux Debevec

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