Live Blogging from the 26.2 Hour Marathon DJ Event!

Dancing With My Self....

So the Marathon Fundraiser is in FULL SWING at THE VELVET RIGHT NOW!

Lots of folks are here enjoying the awesome music and it’s a really fun party, plus we’re raising money for an important project, Heifer.

DJ Maht will be spinning the tunes for 26.2 hours with NO repeats!

So far we’ve donated $L25,603 and still counting! We need you to come down to help make the same sort of positive impact that Maht was able to make last year! A total of $600 USD last year so we’ve got a way.

And you might not know it but there are a lot of SLebrities here too. I wasn’t supposed to tell but…..look!

They are incognito. I can’t tell you who they are.

So come on down to The Velvet between now and 5pm tomorrow and make a donation to support this great cause, and dance and have a great time listening to awesome music!
See you there!

Gidge – OUT

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