Bliensen + MaiTai & A Bounty of Beauty

Most bloggers with any tenure have creators who hold a special place their heart. Whether it’s friendship or just a great professional working relationship, it’s always fun when you get to showcase someone, or a few someone’s whose work makes you giddy.
THIS is one of those posts.

The first question, which ravages my mind when I get new things from Bliensen + MaiTai is this. WHAT THE HELL IS A BLIENSEN? I mean, I know what a MaiTai is. I’d like one right now. But a Bliensen? I suspect it’s made with cheese and is best served warm, with some focaccia bread.
I’ll have a low fat Bliesen + MaiTai please. With a side of hummus.

Ok ok ok. Bliesen + MaiTai was the first place that ever gave me review copy jewelry. And, bonus, it didn’t suck. Added bonus, it kept getting better with time. Like…….the above!
(and the below).
They are participating in the TWISTED KRISSMUS event which is exceedingly festive and has lots of great merchants both sponsoring and participating in it.

The necklace above, Sakura – is featured as part of the Twisted Krissmus event. The chokers and matching earrings in the two pics above are Flores and Viola, new releases. 🙂

In the photo above me, the How Many Seas necklace is part of the Peace On Earth 3 hunt, and I’m all kinds of tickled because the POE hunt was the first one in SL I ever did.It’s fun to see it still going. The earrings are Mohon (or is it Mahon, damn I can’t read my writing) and are part of Twisted Krissmus as well!

I’m also wearing some other things I love, the Dafne skin from PXL Creations which looks like it was MADE for new shape, and a color of Truth Hair that ISN’T Blonde or red.

Truth makes some AWESOME unusual colors, I must start wearing them more. I love the Gigi hair. It’s both big hair and hair that doesn’t run into my shoulders. WIN.

The lashes are my new LASHES I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT AND IF THE ASSET SERVER EVER EATS THEM I WILL KILL MYSELF LASHES – from MiaMai – tattoo layer lashes. For girls who can’t fit their lashes.


Now, where is my Bliensen + MaiTai?

Style Notes:

  • Skin – PXL Creations – Dafne – Natural Tone – Medium Eyebrows – Wine Lips
  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Hair – Truth – Gigi – Blueberry
  • Eyes – Amacci – Moon
  • Lashes – MiaMai – Les Makeups Lashes 15 Tattoo Layer Lashes
  • All Jewelry – Bliensen + MaiTai

Take a ride to Bliensen + MaiTai to check out all the goodies!



0 thoughts on “Bliensen + MaiTai & A Bounty of Beauty

  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    These are the best photos you have ever done. Awesome shots, great style, that skin and shape and just every single thing is perfect. The singular beauty of the jewelry just tops it all off.

  2. Plurabelle Laszlo

    Thank you so much for the awesome pics and kind words – but… umm … yeah, i guess the -best- way to serve a Bliensen would be warm and with cheese, but I am not sure if you -really- want to serve it. Bliensen was the dog of my great-grandmother (the one on my store-logo). A very talented terrier who loved bread with liversausage.

    When I was desperately looking for a name I found an old glass negative with that photo of Bliensen. I tend to mix vintage and old stuff to create new virtual jewelry, so I thought it would fit to pair Bliensen with MaiTai – who was my talkative SL-shoulder-dragon by the way, and who loved – surprise – MaiTai!

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