Blogging My Bedroom Floor 7:BlueBlood

They say you mistreat your family because they have to love you anyway and I’m guilty of having tossed my cousin Ghanima’s items out on the floor with good intentions of having blogging them for the past few weeks. But I’m lazy and ridiculous on a good day, and so her things have languished while I flitted around like the airhead that I am.
In the spirit of continuing to clean however, I opened up some boxes from her today.
And ooooo I like what I found.

Calendula comes in both White Goth – which made me think of CANDY As you can see, and regular old Black as my Soul Goth, both in several colors.

I love this dress it might be one of my favorites that Ghanima has made recently.

Ok so that’s a few more boxes off my bedroom floor. I need to do an update picture, don’t I?

Style Notes:

  • Shape – Savoir Faire – Gidge
  • Skins – Frick – Top – Fae. Bottom – Blood Lolly in Goth
  • Hair – Truth – Diana (both)
  • Dresses – BlueBlood – Top White Goth. Bottom – Goth
  • Poses – Gesticulate

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