Halloween Never Looked Sexier!

 Halloween is coming and :)(: PixelFashion might have just what you need! I’m in their group, so I got a “head’s Up” early, and OO La La, I love their costume. It’s called :Devil’s Sexy Dress” and it lives up to its name! Strategicly placed strips of fabric cover you, but just enough. Skeleton hands cover your breasts , and add a bit of “horror” to the outfit. Whips of the shredded skirt complete the sexiness of this dress.

Let me start with….I am NOT a hat person. This hat it SO perfect I had to try it on  AND left it on the whole time. The netting, the skull, it all adds to the overall effect of the outfit. It’s not over powering. It’s just enough!

The shoes!!! OMG I LOVE the shoes! The skull and blade heel?? To die for! These shoes are sold separate from the dress, but SO worth the extra Linden. They slim your legs are make them look trey sexy!

I love this outfit so much…I may continue to wear it after Halloween. Go take a look….you will not be disappointed.

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