Welcome Lily Karlsbar To It's Only Fashion!

posted by Gidge

Cajsa and I posted a while back that we were looking for more folks who might be fashion divas and interested in blogging with us here on It’s Only Fashion!

We’ve got a few folks in the works, and some are regular bloggers and some are not!

But the first person I want to introduce you to is Lily Karlsbar! Lily is NOT a blogger, so is going to be cutting her blogging teeth here at IOF.

I’ve known Lily casually for a couple of years, and she’s always been enthusiastic about fashion, which as far as I’m concerned makes her an ideal candidate for introduction into the Fashion Mafia.

Lily will have an awesome Halloween offering to share with you some time today or tomorrow…….but until then…please leave a big IOF Hello For Her in our comments!

Welcome Lily! We’re glad to have you contributing to IOF!!!

What are we wearing? I don’t effing know, I’m wearing something from 2008. I guess that makes me 2000-late…………hahaha.

NO FASHION DETAILS! Have a great Thursday!

5 thoughts on “Welcome Lily Karlsbar To It's Only Fashion!

  1. Faery Sola

    Hi-ya Lily! 😀 Great to see the team expand, you’re in very good company with Gidge & Caj 🙂

    Dial me up anytime in world & I’ll hit you with some loveliness to blog *grins* 😀

  2. lilykarlsbar

    Thank you ALL! I am SO excited and honored to be in the IOF family. I hope to do both IOF and the readers, justice!

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