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I thought I’d take today to celebrate Sn@tch. Specifically MY Sn@tch.

Yes, this is in fact the best looking outfit in all of the Sn@tchdom.

It’s the GIDGE outfit, put together from several different releases of Ivey’s to make my personal favorite girly look.

Ivey knows that inside my Barbie heart lurks an evil girl who likes to wear black too.

There is actually really gorgeous embroidery detail on the bodice which I am not sure shows up properly int he pictures. Who knew Ivey was so handy at needlework?

Solstice Skin from Sn@tch in Electric Makeup

Alright then, now that I have shown you the most excellent dress in all of Sn@tchdom what are you waiting for?

It’s Sn@tch Friday! Get to Sn@tch!

Style Notes

  • Skin – Sn@tch – Solstice Skin in Electric
  • Hair – Truth – Carli in Champagne
  • Eyes – Poetic Color – Pink Ocean
  • Lashes – Exile – Overdrive
  • Dress and Tights – Sn@tch – GIDGE
  • Shoes – Sn@tch – Sinister Heels
  • Poses – GESTICULATE!

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