And The Fabbie Goes To SLTransfusion's Serene Fairy

posted by Gidge Uriza

I was skimming through our trafic and referrals this morning and saw a blog I’ve seen more than once,but hadn’t ever popped over to check out. After doing so I was totally inspired to toss out a Sunday Morning Fabbie – the most capricious and joyous of all the Fabbies simply because I’m in a very OH WOW I LIKE THAT sort of mood.

Specifically – I’m tossing out a Fabbie for the composition style of the the photos on THIS post.

I’m in love with the restricted color palette and how gorgeously she works everything together. Espesh those righteous shoes.

A Fabulous Shot from Serene Fairy

The color composition absolutely puts me in mind of the instructions that Tim Burton gave to the art directors for The Nightmare Before Christmas. He told them they could use any color they wanted, as long as it was Orange, White or Black.

Thanks for the gorgeous images to start my morning Serene! You’re FABULOUS!


One thought on “And The Fabbie Goes To SLTransfusion's Serene Fairy

  1. Serene Fairey

    Thank you honey! You so just made my day. Month. Dang. You like me! You really like me!! 🙂

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