Ok, So I'm Loni Anderson

posted by Gidge Uriza

I love the classic rock-a-billy and retro inspired fashions swirling around A-Bomb. And what do I love to do with them? MESS UP THE CREATORS VISION BY PUTTING ON SOME BIG FOOFY HAIR AND BEJEWELLING MYSELF MIGHTILY.

Well, it’s one thing I love to do with them.

The jewelry is from Donna Flora and truly, I just heart Donna Flora so much I wanna drool every time I am in that store. Cajsa passed it to me, and I dunno if she meant to, but I’m not giving it back. Unless she makes me.

Buy Me Something, Something Expensive

I’m on the road today, so pixel Gidge is going to stay swaddled in jewels and girly goodness.

Cuz thats how she rolls.

Style Notes:

  • Skin – League – Taylor – Medium – Silver Lining
  • Hair – Exile – Alessa – Ash
  • Dress- A-Bomb- So Long Marianne
  • Lashes – Exile – Lush Lash
  • Jewelry – Donna Flora
  • Eyes – Sterling Artistry – Springtime Eyes – Rainy Day
  • Nails – PXL Manicure – Black

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