Had To Have It Stuffs

posted by Gidge Uriza

I am enough of a princess to love the girly skirts my Uriza cousin Ghanima creates on a regular basis. But today I’m excited to show you a couple of other things that are new to me & are exceedingly festive!

My friend Hybie has a little hair shop called TENDRILS and she has made hairs! I chose the most white/platinum shades for fun and only picked up a couple, but I really liked the selection at her little show. Boutique hair FTW!

I’m actually gonna go back and pick up some blonder shades, because I think Hybie is doing fun stuff and can’t wait to see what she cooks up next.

I’m also wearing my first and only Mia Snow skin. I coveted it the second I saw it at the Harajukubox skin fair – and could NOT resist the green lipstick.  I have no good reason for never having shopped there before. But her skins don’t give me chipmunk cheeks and that’s a win in my book! YAAAAY!

Ok it’s a shortie today BUT – I’m gonna say PLEASE go check out Tendrils!  

I’m A Wearin’:

  • Shape – Gidge Custom
  • Hair – Tendrils – Top of Square – EMMA- Bottom of Square – Zara in Platinum and Pearl
  • Dress – Blueblood – Simone in Purple
  • Skin – MiaSnow – SummerTan – in Lime lipstick

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