The One Where I Learn To Use A HUD

posted by Gidge

Ok I freely admit my own dorkitude on about all counts.

I also admit that prim feet have been my nemesis since the moment the first pair slid onto the grid. I’ve tried this brand and that. I have been epic fail on every count. I did make some BOMB ASS GREEN FEET the other day for a pair of shoes.

Alas, my skin wasn’t green. So that was kind of a fail. But if I had had olive green skin, they woulda been FULL OF WIN.

One of my biggest assets is that I have friends who believe I can do anything. One of my biggest sources of annoyance is that I have friends who think I can do anything.

Cajsa and Winter never stop believing in me. So Cajsa offered to buy me a pair that she guaranteed me I could do. And Winter came along to pick them out. (cuz you know he’s all bossy like that).

I guess Cajsa was right. I just needed a HUD that said CLICK HERE YOU DORK.

Ok it doesn’t actually say that. But it’s close. Thank you N-CORE for making me the happiest girl in the pixel world.

Now,someone get Winter off my back about my lashes. I’m getting much better, Fucker!!

Style Notes:

  • Shape Gidge Custom Shape
  • Hair – EXILE  for THE DRESSING ROOM – Malibu – Peroxide
  • Skin – Belleza – Alyson – Pale – 05
  • Eyes – Amacci – Blue
  • Dress – BAIASTICE – FOR THE DRESSING ROOM – Veronica- Bright Cerise
  • Shoes – N-Core- Xtreme Heel – Pinup – Red Passion
  • Lashes – EXILE – Overdrive

0 thoughts on “The One Where I Learn To Use A HUD

  1. Chalice Carling

    OMG Gidge…this is so spooky. I stumbled upon NCore (why I hadn’t been there before I don’t know). Anyway I’ve been a failure with prim toe shoes forever until I met Maitreya Gold. I mastered them and then thought I’d branch out a bit. I visited NCore last night and I just go crazy in there after trying on the demo’s. They are idiot proof (I’m referring to me here, not you. lol). Aren’t they great? I just blogged them too. Talk about great minds….or maybe, hopeless colorists. These look gorgeous on you. xx

  2. Isara Beaumont

    I have a pair of N-Core (bought them about 6 weeks ago, but I presume it’s still the same HUD), and I actually found the HUD much worse than Maitreya Gold. There’s this square field filled with colours, no labels, no numbers.. you click somewhere, it’s not the right colour.. wait, now what?

    Where do I try next? Where the hell did I click before? There’s no indication, nothing.. you just make random tries with the cursor until by chance you hit a ‘good’ colour. You don’t dare trying to improve a moderate fit.. because, well, you don’t know where you clicked to get it. The next try could be way off again.

    Please, I want numbers. Something that tells me where I was, which colour I tried, which direction I went with my last try. Yeah, something like the Maitreya Gold HUD.

  3. Nataly Moonwall

    N-core has changed the HUD of almost all his shoes for new HUD really improved with new features ( RGB values, memory slots to save skin tones…and the most important to me, the scripts has reduced a lot! ). Really easy to use, even you can remove your alpha prims if you are using alpha layer ( e.g Viewer 2 ). As well you can wear stockings in the feet !!

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