The Newbie Challenge:The Girl One Nao

posted by Gidge Uriza

First of all I Ruthed Gidge up. But for my girl challenge, I decided that most of us with any kind of attention to fashion can make a free Barbie Girl AV pretty fast. I’m not sure I’d have to do more than run over to a FREESTYLE booth and go click click click and I could be done with an AV that I could deal with.

But what if – JUST WHAT IF – I didn’t want to do traditional Barbie Girl? (ok totally not likely but play along). What if I wanted to be a kitty? And what if I decided to wade through the shite offerings and try to do it ALL on Xstreet?

I spent a totally of 10L on myself for all three of the looks I’ll offer up. The 10L is for the boots I am wearing. Everything else was Zero.

Ok so what about a gothy/vampiry/period piece kinda look? All costing zero…

Does she look more serious in black and white?

What about Zombie Sexy? Is anyone looking for that?

Ok there is actually a whole dress that comes with. I just loved the zombie sexy.


Ok, I got it ALL on Xstreet…….lesssee if I can find it all.

All the clothes are Black Opal Freebies on XStreet


The Boots



There you go. Three different avatars. 10L.  🙂

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