You Are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say…

posted by Gidge Uriza

Friend A Says:Look at these and tell me I’m pretty.

Friend B Says: (laughs) I always think you are pretty.

Friend A Says: I don’t.

Friend B Says: That’s because you don’t love you as much as I love you.

People need positive re-inforcement. Someone fangirled me recently and I’m fairly sure I’ll live on that for months. I was floored. What? You read me every day? EVERY DAY? You are kidding me. Really?

These tanks were created by Carra Fargis and are available for free on Xstreet in memory of a friend of hers who didn’t know she was beautiful. You can read the story there.

My point today is that your words matter. Your words have the power to lift someone up. Random blog comments can make someone’s day – someone you don’t know. Or even someone you do.

I’d like to encourage everyone to say something nice when you read a blog post over the next few days. Do you see something awesome? TELL the person. Buy something super cool? Tell the creator how much you like it. Your words of support mean a lot to people. You don’t even know it but they do.

It’s not a blogger challenge.

It’s just a nice idea.

No. Not me. I’ve got an ego the size of the Titanic. Do it for someone else. GO!

No fashion details. Just nice thoughts.

0 thoughts on “You Are Beautiful, No Matter What They Say…

  1. Bastet

    Yes, I totally agree. Support means so much!

    Getting (positive) feedback is sometimes all I need to keep working on my designs. I know it may sound a bit needy, but that’s the way it is. And each time I have been given nice feedback I have felt all humbled.

    Pst… I’d really like to know where the hair is from, it’s cute.

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  3. Nyx Divine

    Can I take this a step farther? Into RL as well?

    At my new job I want kudos and accolades so that I always know that my employer values me.

    Don’t we all.

    I am fairly certain I am a good mom and wife, really, but your post made me stop and think…

    How much MORE valuable are my words to those I love and who love me?

    My husband who is, for the first time in almost 20 years, embarking on a new career path.

    My kids who often times get great grades…but not always. And are always awesome human beings.

    Thanks to your blog words, I have been reminded to give my family members the ‘two thumbs up’ they need and deserve as well. Even if I’m not always feeling it.

    I want them to know that ‘I’ am their #1 cheerleader/fan/supporter.

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