Don't Let Us Mislead You…

posted by Gidge Uriza

…we’re this sexy with our clothes on too.

That’s right, I’m short. I don’t know when this happened. I used to be the damn tallest avatar on the grid I swear, people went on and on about how freaking TALL I was. Then I bring over an elf and………I’m short. What the fuck? I think when I got a revised version of my shape I got shorter or something.

OR some of my height when into my ass. Cuz it’s bigger.

The sexy retro-inspired lingerie is from Phoenix Rising – called Mislead. And that’s Elusyve Jewel towering over me. I think she was trying to strangle me in the pic above. Except, I was running the pose pads. So that means I was trying to strangle me. I don’t know what that means.

Anyway don’t look directly at us for too long. Cuz you’ll go blind.

We know what you are doing. And we’re watching……we’re pervy like that.

Style Notes

Elusyve’s Details:

  • Skin – YS & YS Evelin
  • Hair – D!VA – Nanako
  • Lingerie – Phoenix Rising – Mislead in WHITE
  • Shoes – Adam & Eve – Alicia
  • Ink – Karnival Tattoo – Oriental Flower
  • Nails – Sn@tch
  • Eyes – Hernovy – (ok I might have that wrong – I can’t read my writing -eeek sorry)

Gidge’s Details

  • Skin – EXILE – Chloe – Sunkissed – Smut
  • Hair – Exile – Sadie- Ash
  • Lingerie – Phoenix Rising -ICE
  • Shoes – 5th & Oxford – Little Miss Maribou
  • Nails – PXL Creations – Red
  • Lashes – Exile – Razor

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