Wingless Fae

posted by Gidge Uriza

The Collaboration between Lark and Dark Mouse brings us FAE in gown and jewelry – a gorgeous set that truly screams for me to put on some wings.

And did you know I used to be a Fairy? I did!

But none of my wings matched.

And I’m lazy.

So I didn’t go wing shopping.

But Lizzie did.

The gown and jewelry come in multiple tones each complimenting the other – I chose to wear gold because I was having a very blonde day and my blonde girl likes gold.

These two pieces are offered at the Etheria event which is still going on until the 20th .

The skin is from GARAGE – Elise- Lazy Sunday. She likes glossy lips just like I do in RL.

Style Notes

***Bold R Indicates a Review or Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom
  • Hair – I LOVE OLIVE – Doris – Platinum R
  • Dress – LARK for Etheria Event – Fae in Gold R
  • Jewelry – DARK MOUSE for Etheria Event – Fae in Gold R
  • Eyes – POETIC COLOR – Pink Ocean
  • Shoes – ARMIDI – Barcelona Slingbacks – Chiffon
  • Skin – GARAGE – Elise – Lazy Sunday R
  • Lashes – EXILE – Lush Lash R

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