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The lingerie from Reasonable Desires has been sitting on my bedroom floor, as my friends can attest, for quite a while. I just couldn’t decide what to do with it. I really liked it but wanted to do something different than my usual with it……….

and then it hit me. GIDGE KITTY!

I haven’t done much Neko ever so I dropped a notecard on my friend Sanura Snowpaw and said MAKE ME A KITTY and she obliged nicely.

I wanted to be a blonde glammy kitty. In lingerie. 😛


Style Notes:

Once Again I didn’t write down any fashion details……let’s see how good I am from memory………..consider this, I shot this more than two weeks ago. So , for every item that I can remember, that’s one item in my RL that I can’t freaking remember. Like how to retrieve my voice mail……..

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape – that one was easy
  • Hair – Exile – Monica – Ash – I think that is right
  • Skin – Yeah I dunno? Ideas?
  • Lingerie – Reasonable Desires – Nikki in black and White – I got this one right
  • Shoes -Sn@tch – Boudoir Slippers – I know that is right
  • Ring – EarthStones – Destiny Bridal Set – Yes !
  • Neko Ears and Tail – DREAMS by Sanura Snowpaw – Definite!

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