Sometimes I'm a Dork

posted by Gidge Uriza

Ok make that ALL OF THE TIME I’M A DORK.

But I’m kind of a cute dork.

I gotta confess, I shot this last week,in a flurry of shooting where I was truly convinced I was gonna get shots and posts stacked up to go up while I was away having the baby.

Snark. Not so much. I was busy being miserable and pregnant.

So this WAS the Themory Project offering at Boom – which is one of my favorite stores. It’s probably gone now. But I liked the shot so I’m going to make it load up to the feeds just for fun.

I like Boom I need to get over there. This was a nice little reminder of a store I haven’t been to in a while. Maybe it will be one for you also – so there, it wasn’t a wasted post after all!

I love the gorgeous styles from Exile with flowers in the hair. 

I hope everyone is paying attention that I am wearing different eyes. YES I AM LOOKING AT YOU.

Style Notes:

***Bold R Indicates a Review/Promotional Copy***

  • Shape – Gidge Custom Shape by Hatchy Mills
  • Skin – Tuli – Sayuri Tone 2
  • Hair – Exile – Clara  R
  • Eyes – PXL Glow Eyes in Sahara R
  • Top and Skirt- Themory Project – BOOM – Miss Popularity R
  • Shoes – Shiny Things – Brandy’s – Brown
  • Lip Ring – EarthStones – Bali – Malachite
  • Manicure- Sterling Artistry – Goldsilk
  • Glasses – Artilleri – Nora Glasses – Yellow
  • Ring – EarthStones – Destiny Bridal Set R

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